Kiki – The Story of an Orphan girl

Once upon a time, there was a small girl named Kiki. She was an orphan and was raised in an orphanage owned and regulated by an old couple who went by the name The RoofGivers. The girl’s parents were wealthy but on a tragic night, died in a car accident which had brought Kiki to The RoofGivers door. The name Kiki was also given to her by the RoofGivers. They both loved her as she was the brightest among all. Beautiful as her mother and sharp as her father. They had all the hopes from her, that when they would sell her to some wealthy and desperate to adopt couple, she would earn them a fortune.

Kiki, unaware of The RoofGivers foul heart, loved them as parents. Since, she was unfortunate to have experienced how the love of a Parent for his child is like, a single pat on the back from The RoofGivers would make her overwhelm with happiness and pride. Other children in the orphanage were jealous of her as she was the one who would get the most attention from the RoofGivers. She would always try to make them happy and try to get their pat on her back.

Kiki was beautiful and smart. She was good at studies and had her own dreams, though her studies and dreams both were minimal and small. She would manage all the children at the orphanage, do all the chores, and what ever time she got, devoted in studies. She would dream of wearing new colourful clothes, of eating a plateful of delicacies, of Reading Books that she would buy with her own money, of getting loved by The RoofGivers. With each passing day, she was growing but her dreams were not getting fulfilled. The RoofGivers were getting anxious and worried and desperate to sell her off until someone still wanted to adopt Kiki. Though Kiki was a gem, no couple wanted to adopt a teenage girl assuming raising her will be tough work.

One day, The RoofGiver fell very sick and was in a desperate need of money for medicines and stuffs and decided to sell Kiki off to a family which needed a helper for caring her new born child. Kiki was furious, she couldn’t believe the RoofGivers had abandoned her. Although, she was aware that some couple came from time to time and adopted some of the children at the orphanage. She had never cared to think The RoofGivers would give her away. She thought they loved her.

Kiki was in a new house. This house was big but people were less. The orphanage had always seemed overcrowded. This big house was supposed to be Kiki’s home and these people were supposed to be her family. Though they had asked for a helper for her child’s care, after weeping secretly for about a month or two, Kiki accepted them as her new family.

to be continued…

A Writer’s Lovers are tough ones!

I loved reading other people writings, reading stories and novels and all kinds of books. I don’t really know when I started wanting to write myself. It became a hobby which gave me immense pleasure and a calm mind. Seldom do our minds stop thinking, so many ideas waiting to be loved, acknowledged and written for others to read. So many beautiful experiences worthy of sharing to outer world.

It comes alive when these ideas become uncontrollably furious to come out of our minds and mingle with others minds. This is a time of relaxation for writers, I assume, when words come out without any struggle. There are times when it’s difficult to write, when your mind is calm or you have many things to write about but they are not ready to come out yet. It’s a real pain, you know to lure them out.

If writing becomes a profession, I don’t know how it works ? Probably, the power to control your word grows immensely, and hence you face little difficulty to lure them out, or may be they start liking you as much that they come out on their own, beautifully to show you their love.

It’s like two lover’s life. In initial days, the affection is immense, slowly they get to know each other and get married. For some, its a happy marriage and unfortunately, for some it doesn’t work out. In a happy marriage, the love, the longing and the togetherness grows exponentially. It makes them happy.

Being a newbie, I don’t consider my self a writer yet, but I want to be some day. You see, words are furious in my mind sometimes or some times I have to ask them out. They don’t love me yet. So sometimes it becomes a struggle to write something beautiful. But you guys, this struggle to write is also an amazing feeling. It’s a feeling you get in an unrequited love affair. The longing you feel for a distant lover. There is always the hope that they will come running back to you if you try a bit more harder. It’s a sweet pain, it’s a warm pinch, that takes you in a wonderland.

For me, it’s still in the crush phase. I love writing, writing doesn’t have much affection for me. I am still trying to ask her out, the courage needed here is a hell lot. So I am slowly trying to make my acquaintance with her. The love in my heart is increasing as much as I know her. She is a tough one but her heart is soft. Whenever she sees my trying harder for her, she melts a little. Gracefully comes to me with unquestionable love and beauty.

The Butterfly flutters again..

Have you ever loved ? For some it’s a question that brings a smile on your face, for some it’s a question that brings old memories and deep sighs. Take your time to answer it. I know it’s not quite a simple question. If your answer is Yes with deep sigh, you are my audience.

I thought I never loved him, may be I wanted to think so. I called it infatuation, may be to forget that I loved him. But one nice calm day, that feeling comes to me again, that ache that I felt when I was sitting in my high school chair on a rainy day wanting for him to come see me, that longing returned today, a stone heart turned soft again today. I missed him. I wanted to know how he was doing ?

Does this happen to you guys as well ? Do you ever feel the pain for someone long forgotten come to you again with same force, same amount of pain on the day of your heartbreak ? You know in your mind that he was not right for you ever and that you could never love that sort of person but you did, and your heart keeps fluttering. That same butterfly that danced in your stomach when you used to meet him is still dancing in your belly today. How can this be true ? After so many alone nights you finally dared to forget him, you finally dared to kill that butterfly, then how does it manages to come back and ruin my life like this? Is this common or I am just plain crazy ?

Those memories that you never wanted to uncover, those warm days of togetherness, that fragrance you never wanted to come across, how do they come to you all at once at full force to smother you ? I was not the one to end it all, so why am I the one to get punished ? Isn’t this pain a punishment ? Although it feels like home, but it’s not home. This feeling is the most beautiful feeling, that everyone wishes to feel one day, and I am forced to forget it, ain’t this a punishment ?

I loved him with all my heart. I forgot him with all my mind. Then why is it coming back to me ? Shouldn’t it go to him ? To tell him the stories of the hell I created in my heart because of him ? I am sure he is happy with someone else to feel for. So why does these memories not go and make him remember me ? Why don’t they go and tell him how much I loved him and how he broke my heart ?

Painting on the sky

It was a calm evening, sun was on its way home, birds were calling their loved ones to get in their nests. I could still hear lots of noise from the road, vehicles making noises. I took a deep sigh and calmed my mind. I looked up in the sky, horrified I focused clearly on this ravaging demon looking towards me. It had these two fierce eyes with which it was weighing me down. Its expression were so unimpressed that I was embarrassed. Its gaze was so intent on me that I thought it could see my maligned soul and ridiculed me. It had these two powerful arms with which it could uproot giant trees. Its sharpened horns could pierce mountains in one go.

I was aghast, mesmerised, with the picture that I saw on the unending bluish canvas. It dissolved slowly into nothingness. It was real for a minute and I can’t explain what the feeling was, when I was looking at him. I was horrified and awestruck at the same time for it was the power of Nature. It can create and destroy things as it wishes.

I started looking around and all I could see was these figures in all the lifeless things. I looked at a wall not too far and I could see a woman smiling at me, as if she saw me look at that demon in the sky and was trying to calm me. It was vague, not as real as that demon looked like but I could figure her smile, her twinkling eyes, her sharp nose. I smiled back and looked away from her, towards a tree far away from me. It looked like a sleeping cat all wrapped up into a little ball of fur. Another tree looked like the face of a lion, all bearded up. I could even see a baby elephant in one tree. I could actually see these with open eyes. how could I be not mesmerised ?

At first I was confused but then I started enjoying it. I started making some images on my own, that sleeping cat turned into a turtle when I focused some more on that tree. Now that I thought of it, I could make so many different shapes on the cloudy sky. I loved it. It was like painting on the sky. You need no colour, just a pinch of imagination. So, unapologetically, with all my ten fingers and some colours from the bucket of Nature, I started making my own world on her canvas. It was beautiful. It was personal. It was close to my heart.

Precious Little Things

I was sitting on my roof after a hard day of work, silent, listening to the voice of the equally silent wind. I was listening to the rhythmic beats of my heart, my calm even breaths. I started wondering, how easily we tend to ignore the smaller things in life. How little we are thankful of Mother Nature to bless us with such beautiful Life.

How many times do we look up in the sky and admire the twinkling stars and planets and the unfathomable universe that we have got? Do we ever realise what a true blessing our eyes are? No, we are super busy living our meaningless life where we don’t have enough leisure to spend quality time with our family.

Take a day off, and admire and feel the beauty of small things that we ignore in our daily lives. The chirping of the birds, the hum of insects, the fragrance and beauty of flowers, the roar of sea waves, the crackle of rivers, the smell of wet soil. Wait for a moment and watch how leafs dance on the music of calm breeze, how flamingo takes a flight with her soft wings, how squirrel uses her both hands to eat. It’s sensational, it’s marvellous, it’s simply mind boggling.

Have you ever danced in rain without the worry of getting wet and sick ? Have you ever raced around on the shores bare foot to fill you pockets with seashells ? Have you eaten dinner with your friends and family in an open sky filled with stars ? Have you felt tiny, watching a dying star or a meteor shower ? Have you seen the love of an animal for her little ones ? Have you ever wanted to jump up and down on the clouds looking like fluffy cotton balls ? Have you ever wished you could fly high in the open sky, spreading your arms ?

We were supposed to enjoy these little precious things in our lifespan not sit in a room every single day stressing about why you are not happy. We were supposed to live life with our family and loved ones without any worries but rather we chose to shut the gates of happiness and fulfilment. We have not only made it difficult for us but we are making it worse for the other blessed children of Nature as well. Take a day off and think about it, think about how we are ignoring smaller things we have got. Think How can we make it better for us and for others ? Do something about it at-least share the word. Lets build our relations, Lets nurture our Mother Nature, Lets save our world!

Do Dreams die?

When dreams die Should we live? Do dreams actually Die? or they are alive in us forever waiting to bloom. As a child I was very bright and curious, atleast my Parents believed that. They had lot of expectations from me. We would sleep on our Roof facing the open Sky full of twinkling stars. We would talk all about dreams, future, stars, planets before Papa said shusshh!! Go to sleep now. Probably those twinkling bright stars birthed a spark of dream inside of me.A dream of touching those stars, of going beyond earth and exploring the outer space, of becoming an astronaut.

But as time went by, I grew older. The heavy books and vast syllabus of the school drowned me. I started to gain education and lacking knowledge. I was still bright with good grades, and that dream was still there. Just that the path that lead to that dream was not clear. The poor education system made me literate but never showed me the path towards my dream nor it gave me any opportunity to live it. It made me a Computer Science Engineer.

Anyway Recently, I was thinking, sitting on my porch watching a dying star pass through the sky. It was surreal. I felt my heart ache in pain. I was not able to fulfil my dream. I reeked of failure. Isn’t Life’s Purpose to find a dream and live it? I had found one but failed to make it real. So that means I failed Life and all purpose is lost.

Yes, But why do I feel that dream still inside me? A hope to reach that goal is still budding inside me. I can totally feel it. So what does that mean? Should I leave everything and run behind my dream, chasing it? Should I for once forget all my failures and give it one last go with everything I have? Can I still make it happen?

If only someone saw her soul…

If only someone saw her soul, they would see how beautiful she was. Gorgeous, one of a kind. No, she didn’t belong to the elite class that is BEAUTIFUL if exterior beauty defines it . No, she was no example for an hour glass figure. It was her personality that defined her. If you actually got to know her, she was quite a gem you would never want to lose.

She was dark skinned, thin boned, small statured girl. Dark black hair accentuated her bright eyes. Her voice like a ringing melody, warm and rich which could evoke emotions in you. Her laugh was like a crackle in the clouds. Adventurous was her spirit.

She was flawed yet perfection. Her soul was bright and pure and kind. Her heart beat for everyone. She loved and was equally loved. She was brave and fought for her loved ones. She was like fire. Sometimes warm and kind. Sometimes bright and cold.

But all these wasn’t enough for people. Her being so beautiful from within was not enough. They wanted her to be fair skinned, they wanted a beautiful featured face. They called her Ugly. Treated her as an outcast and inferior. If only they saw her soul, they would see how beautiful she was.


All of us are fools, fools trying to outrun each other, racing towards a giant Blackhole. we call it Life but does any one actually know the real meaning of Life? No, you don’t my friend. It’s a mystery, it’s a puzzle, we all have tried to solve and alas failed. Failed to fathom the depth and vastness of this word, failed to understand the meaning while treading its shallow and narrow path.

I view it as path to a Giant BlackHole full of surreal silence, wonderful mystries, striking blackness, where no one and nothing has meaning and yet everthing and everyone is meaningful. You love, you hate only to understand pain. Its all for pain my dear. Its all in vain.

It might seem that you are living your life happily and believe me many of us are. we are living our life fully enjoying this ride with friends, with family. That is the most brilliant way of living until we loose one. Until you feel the pain. Its Unbearable. It heart wrenching. Then my friend, Then you realize the Blackness of this Blackhole.

It’s meaningless without the love, it’s meaningless without the pain. Many of us are seeing that Blackhole as we approach it. We don’t want to see it, we don’t want to reach it, we don’t want to live it, but we cant help it because there is no way to avoid it. Either you live the pain to see it approach or just try to grab it and reach the destination, that’s what you can do. It’s going to devour everything and everyone you love while you wait and watch for your turn.

BookWorms Like Me…

One sunny day, I sat on my porch, with a gleaming screen in my hand which opened for me the path to what I can only describe as Heaven. I started to peer through the tunnel to reach a very different world, a world full of mystery, full of dreams, full of charismatic experiences, a world of thought provoking fantasy.

It was like diving deep into ocean to find a piece of magical land hidden beneath, waiting to be explored. So I went ahead and opened the gates to the city I wasn’t aware of.The vast reaches bemused me and my eyes couldn’t comprehend the allure of such proud land hidden from human contact. I was awestruck, unfathomable sky full of twinkling stars gazing down upon me wondering, If I will be welcomed here in this foreign land?To my utter surprise it was me who was wary about being rejected and sent back to the gloomy reins that was my World. What If.. What if..

I wasn’t even half way through the circle of my thoughts when I was interrupted by an echo of a beautiful ringing voice. This voice was so magical that I couldn’t stop myself from turning right back to see a floating white cloth wrapped around a figure with dark shoulder length silken Black hair shining bright in the moonlight. I move ahead to have a clear look at the face when I felt someone put a hand on my shoulder from behind and the touch caused a sharp ray of light to fill the dark sky, The stars were gone, the moon was replaced by sun overhead and what was left was a gleaming screen in my hand. The chirping of the birds on the porch reminded me that I was back in realty. I was back to hell.

Anyway It was my sister calling me to have some food. I obeyed her, and went downstairs to sit at the dining table with my Family. Talked and laughed for some time after and realised, it was another heaven, close to my heart, my FAMILY.

But back in my mind, I was still thinking about that figure that I saw, trying to imagine how did he look? why he had come? Why he had called my Name? My name, he had known my name..? How mysterious..? What would be his name..? Did he live in that city? Will he allow me in his city? All these thoughts making it difficult for me to stay here in the present world, I just wanted run back to his world as soon as I can.

People of BIHAR need a better Leader

I, a  daughter of Bihar, land of great rulers , land where Buddha got enlightenment, a land of scholars, a land of great history, am here writing to all of you readers to suggest me some ways of relieving this pain caused to me by this detrimental state of my land.

Once, this was the place where all the people in search of knowledge and education used to come, once Bihar had greatest institutions  of the country imparting education to the youth of the nation, building a better future for the country.

Today students of Bihar have to go out of the state to get better education, patients have to go out of the state to get treatment. Today poverty has grabbed the state by its neck and people are suffering. They have forgotten their great and bright past and have been absorbed by the corrupt mindset.

I don’t know the answer whether people have no option or people just don’t want to change their lives?   There is no voice, no upsurge, no opinion whatsoever from people. They have lost all hopes and have surrendered to this fate. The only voice you hear is of the corrupt political leaders who should at no cost be considered leaders.

What has Nitish Kumar done to the state in these 10 years? what has he given to us? what has he done to improve the education system of Bihar? what has changed in the health care sector? what has improved in terms of roads and transport? what has he done for the people of state? How is he better than Lalu Yadav? Atleast Lalu Yadav voiced his opinion at the national platforms very confidently. Atleast he was funny. You can never see Nitish Kumar talk at national level about his state. Living in this state for 10 years now, I say Nitish kumar or any such political leader who are corrupt and namesake should not be allowed to contest elections anymore.

Enough is Enough, The paralysed governance in Bihar should not be allowed anymore. We need change. We need a better leader who can lead us to a future even brighter and greater than our great history.

And with change I don’t mean some new name with same corrupt mindset and lame ideology. No more corrupt politics, no more foul play. We want great institutions in Bihar, even greater than the Great Nalanda University. We want better and technologically advanced Health care sectors. We want better future for our Farmers. We want bigger companies recruiting here in Bihar. We want innovations and scientific discoveries in Bihar. We want a great, lovely picture for Bihar.

This ideal place will take time to evolve, but the change must start now. The change must start with changing mindset of people of Bihar. They must understand that we are the so much capable of controlling our lives and controlling who leads us. We are capable of Change. We are capable of throwing away all those corrupt politicians out of the state if they do not surrender to our dreams of Great Bihar. Enough corruption, Enough Politics.

The first step should be choosing a better leader. Educated and devoted youth or elderly should come forward and pledge to play a significant role in making our dream a reality. Someone who would not be again corrupted by power and money rather will give his best to his mother land. One who will ensure that we are moving towards our goal. Then we will remove this governance and start on our new journey.

Once things will start moving in the right direction, everything will fall in place. Once education system becomes strong, our future will be saved, our youths will shoulder our responsibilities in days ahead.

So all in all it is we the people who holds all power in our hands, we just need to understand and clearly see our paths. Its difficult because at current moment, Bihar is severely ill, totally corrupt from top to bottom. We saw one ray of hope 10 years ago, thought that Nitish will change Bihar, but after 10 years of his corrupt governance we have lost all hope of a bright future. So yes, its difficult but not impossible. I urge to the youth and to elderly who love their land and see hope in this dream to rise and to lead, I urge students and youths to embrace the idea of change as the future of the state is in their hands. I urge the masses of BIHAR to stand up for their state and reject the current or any future corrupt  and paralysed government. I urge them to make Bihar great Again.

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