Expectation Hurts..

This is for all of you whose heart is aching, breaking into pieces for some reasons or the other. When you love, you love completely, and then you want the other person be it your partner, your friend, or anyone, you start expecting the same love from their side. Here is the biggest cause of all heartbreaks. When people don’t get their expectations fulfilled, they feel like they have been betrayed, cheated and the pain that is felt is just unbearable.

I say this as I too have experienced it several times. I know that I don’t need to expect from anyone but still somewhere there in my heart I expect. I expect that the other person would love me the same way I do. I forget that love is not at all about wanting someone but it is about giving it,living it, felling it. It’s yours to love and it’s yours to feel. Now that I know it, I suffer heartbreaks less often and live my life in peace and happiness.

I urge you people to expect less in return of your love. Not everyone is the same and not always your love will be reciprocated. Instead start living your own love life where you just give and not expect anything in return.



The first thing in the morning you do is to make the most important person in your life upset and then you feel like you don’t deserve to live.


A beautiful wooden bench lies in front of me, holding lots of memories. Standing still I am taking a deep dive in those moments that I shared with him.

And now alone I sit on the bench, dwelling in the past. A surge of emotions overpowered me as tears rolled down my cheeks. Unaware that my tears have duped me, my lips parted to produce a sorrowful laughter that soon turned into a sob.

Smooth cold breeze softly touched my cheeks as if trying to tease me. My heart is wrsolitudeenching, tearing into pieces, and I could feel the pain in every part of my body. I feel choked while I try to control my cry.

My eyes got fixed on two birds sitting together on a tree, playing joyfully, chasing each other and then sort of cuddling the other moment.

Watching them happy in togetherness relaxed my heart a bit. I smiled and stood up. I touched the bench and said it goodbye. Walking away from it made me feel so lonely and empty that I could not dare turn back. I continued walking along the path with trembling feet and watery eyes.



via Photo Challenge: Solitude


With this word in my ear, I close my eye with a deep sigh. Its all dark in there, silence, peace. This word is close to me, resembles me. I can see myself sitting on a chair with a dim light flickering above my head. I have no one to talk to , no one to say that I am alone but it feels good. All I can think of is me , my dreams ,my life and nobody to care about. Its so good . I can feel the breeze making me inhale the air inside me, to pump out every bit of impurity in me. To get some time thinking. Thinking when you know nobody is going to disturb me. I have all day to just sit by and think about anything I want. To daydream, to imagine, to live as if I am the only one left on this entire planet, as if i have fallen in love with this solitude.

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